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Cincinnati Truck Accident Lawyer

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Cincinnati Truck Accident Lawyer

Have you just been in a truck accident?

Truck accident cases in Cincinnati are trickier than they seem, and this is especially true if your accident involved other vehicles.

To maximize your claim’s success and potential settlement, you need an experienced, dedicated, and understanding Cincinnati truck accident lawyer in your corner. If you’re looking for an attorney who gets you results through dependable and determined representation, reach out now. 

Our firm can help you recover compensation if you have been in the following kinds of truck accident cases: 

  • Accidents involving various types of trucks
  • Accidents caused by negligent and reckless truck drivers
  • Accidents occurring due to a trucking company’s negligence

Contact us now and have us in your corner as you take on the trucking industry in Cincinnati. 


Why Choose Richman Law Office for Your Truck Accident Case?

For over 25 years, our firm has helped countless truck accident victims in Cincinnati recover large settlements from drivers, their trucking companies, and their insurers. Besides our rate of success, we’ve won over our clients with the personalized attention we give each of them. 

We understand that every truck accident case is different, so you can bet that we will treat your case uniquely as we fight to win you a settlement.  

Our Truck Accident Legal Services

Our firm has grown into one of the most recognized truck accident firms in Cincinnati because of the services we offer. Here are some of the legal services you can expect when we take your case. 


We investigate every aspect of your case to determine its viability. We leave no stone unturned and ensure that you have the edge during negotiations. 

Gathering Evidence

We use everything from police reports to eyewitness accounts to build a compelling case for you. Our investigative services give you the upper hand at the negotiating table and even in court. 

Negotiation With Insurance Companies

Insurance companies aren’t on your side and will likely offer you a lowball settlement or deny your claim altogether. Leave them to us. 

We will never settle for less than what you deserve. Our negotiating experience allows us to help you get the most out of your settlement. 

Filing Your Lawsuit

Once we have all the facts, we can file your lawsuit. We leverage our expertise and understanding of the civil legal process to have your case moving in the right direction. 

In short, we handle all legal processes, so you don’t have to. Contact us immediately if you need a lawyer for your truck accident claim in Cincinnati. 

The Kinds of Truck Accident Cases We Handle

Reach out if you need dedicated and determined counsel and representation for the following truck accident cases.  

  • Accidents involving semi-trucks, tractor trailers, and 18-wheelers: Whatever truck caused your accident, we’re here to help. Our firm has extensive experience recovering compensation for victims of accidents involving all kinds of trucks. 
  • Truck accidents caused by driver negligence: Drivers can be negligent by driving recklessly or while intoxicated. Whatever the reason may be, our firm will hold these drivers liable for your injuries. 
  • Accidents caused by the trucking company’s negligence: Besides negligent drivers, we also hold trucking companies responsible for your injuries. Companies can be negligent by failing to maintain their trucks, providing drivers with training, or overloading. 

Our firm holds negligent companies responsible, so you can get the compensation you deserve. 

How We Can Help You

Not only will we get you results. By doing so, we can also help you in the following ways. 

Ensuring You Receive Proper Medical Care

Truck accident injuries are serious and require prompt medical attention. Our firm ensures that you receive the right kind of medical care — and the best part is that we can get your expenses reimbursed through a large settlement. 

Maximizing Your Compensation for Damages and Injuries

We never settle for less. We will negotiate with truck drivers and their insurers to get the highest compensation for your case. 

Protecting Your Rights and Advocating for You Throughout the Legal Process

Lastly, we protect your rights throughout your truck accident claim proceedings. Our expertise prevents any insurer or company from taking advantage of your situation. 

Contact us and experience representation that helps you get through your claim process unscathed. 

Contact Richman Law Office for a Free Consultation

We are always within reach if you’ve been in a truck accident. Contact us at (513) 621-0000 or fill out this online form. If you prefer to email us, you can reach the firm at

You can also visit us at 810 Sycamore St. Cincinnati, OH 45202. 

We Make the Complex Truck Accident Claims Process Simple

By seeking representation for your truck accident case, you maximize your chances of recovering a large settlement. 

Leave nothing to chance. Let’s hold those negligent parties responsible. Contact us now and experience the following: 

  • Expert representation backed by decades of experience
  • Legal services that yield proven results
  • Dedicated, determined, and done-for-you legal services

Feel free to reach out. Call our firm today or fill out our free online form.